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A new cleaning tool has been introduced to the market by Vileda. The innovative product, MultiDuster has been designed to be used in hard to reach places and areas where hygiene is of critical importance.

The MultiDuster is made of hundreds of easy to clean plastic parts that can be fitted together and then bent into hundreds of different shapes which enables it to be used in all kinds of difficult and inaccessible situations. Unlike traditional tools that are wire based the MultiDuster will not, over time, lose the ability to be moulded and because it is constructed of plastic it is easy to clean and will not harbour bacteria. This makes it particularly useful where cleanliness is paramount.

The tool comes in two different sizes, Maxi and Mini and with its telescopic handle can be extended up to 5 metres. Cleaning behind radiators and in similar small difficult to reach areas becomes easy and no longer a problem.

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A new app has been developed by the British Toilet Association in conjunction with Mencap and Pamis (Profound and Multiple Impairment Service) which will assist those suffering from Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties to find and access suitable toilet facilities throughout the UK.There interactive application can be used on mobile phones, tablets and PCs and provides detailed information regarding the location and actual facilities available at each site, including opening and closing times.

This innovative app was the result of a £10,000 grant from The British Cleaning Council and it is hoped that it will now attract further sponsorship so that it can be expanded to include other public facilities and features. If you require any Window Cleaning in Newhaven call us on 01273 855170.

Cleaning for better productivity
A clean office or workplace should be a priority for any successful business as the additional benefits this creates are often overlooked.

Everyone knows that first impressions count. Someone visiting your premises will judge your whole Company on the condition of the Reception area and the welcome they receive.

Staff will be more productive if they feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings, feeling constantly on edge because the areas are grubby or unkempt will ultimately reflect in their attitude.

Dirty washrooms and toilets not only can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria they are unpleasant and will reflect badly on the person responsible for their upkeep.

Your workforce spend a large amount of their time working in the environment you provide, making it a comfortable experience will encourage respect and co-operation. We provide Office Cleaners in Newhaven and Burgess Hill, so if you are looking for contract cleaners, please call us today.

The priceless death mask of Tutankhamun has been accidentally damaged by cleaners at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It appears that the priceless 3,300 year old mask was damaged while it was being cleaned. The blue and gold braided beard was knocked off and fearing repercussions was hastily glued back on again using epoxy glue.

It seems that the culprits were told by their superiors to fix their mistake and instead of taking it to the conservation lab a ‘home made repair’ was attempted which has left the mask with permanent damage. For Carpet Cleaners in Brighton.

The Hydromist range of carpet cleaners is enlarged.
Truvox International has added to its Hydromist range with a new lightweight and manoeuvrable carpet spray extractor to supplement their popular range, it is suitable for smaller business premises such as pubs, hotels, offices, care homes, schools, colleges and universities. Boasting a thirteen litre capacity, making it suitable for all cleaning jobs, a two-stage vacuum motor with 89 inches of water lift. An expandable vacuum and solution hose that can be stored in the machine base for easy transport. A robust 7.6cm upholstery tool that helps clean soft furnishings, upholstery, small fabric pieces and deals with general spotting and a telescopic handle for easy transport between cleaning jobs.

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